Let it Pour, Let it Rain” by (Co)Opulence (2022)

pro-heaux/hoe shapeshifters


queer pleasures


interdimensional journeys of intimate radical form

past and futures collide 

within the erotic 

within ritual

within desire


resonance flirting 

resonance flirting 

slow motion lap dance

booty bouncing 

your flesh whole





blurring the lines of you and i

beyond blood

beyond defining 

what is you and what is me 


care is language

care is our economy

care, negotiated 




(Co)Opulence is a newly formed collective by duo xiri tara noir (they/them/princess) and Sall Lam Toro (they/them/hir), two interdisciplinary performance artists and organizers working in the field of multimedia performance art, dance and choreography. The collective work  explores parallel realities of pro-hoe/heaux queer/trans pleasures, and the  power of eroticism as ritualistic and choreographic practices. These engage  with forming speculative radical spaces and hopeful futures, where the erotic interplays with and informs mutual aid economies that seek to build alternatives to capitalist, patriarchal and heteronormative structures. The collective was born out of interrogations of the erotic for crafting new economies (material, of desire and care) forming a process-based mapping of visual happenings. These juxtapose with local and international conversational collages and frame new aesthetic languages for liberatory  practices based on queering, pleasure, and anticapitalist thought.